Our Process

Property Analysis

Edge will review your property and work with you to determine which system and utility Billing service is best suited for your needs.

Sub Metering Systems

Edge will typically send a representative to complete a site visit in order to prepare a proposal. The Edge rep will review the utility infrastructure and property layout to determine the best system to recommend. This covers Water Submetering, Gas submetering and Electric Submetering. If the infrastructure does not permit submetering then we will recommend a RUBS program for your community. System design for Mobile homes, Apartments, Condos, Retail and commercial are at the center of what we do!

Utility Billing

The Utility Billing process begins with monthly meter readings that are either taken manually or from an RF cloud based system. The reads are entered into our billing software and a rate is applied to the usage. The total amount will reflect a bill back that should be close to the master utility bill (less irrigation and common area usage).

Leak Detection

Submetering in general is a great way to locate leaks where water submetering is in place. If the master bill is much higher then the sum of the submeter bills, you may have a leak. In addition, most of the new submetering systems have an algorithm built into the software that will report suspected leaks via email directly to the Property or Maintenance Manager.