What is submetering?
Submetering is a system for recovering water/sewer expenses from tenant/residents.

Why should I consider submetering?
For any multi-tenanted property, submetering transfers the escalating costs for water/sewer usage to the tenant/consumer. Participation in a submetering program will also increase net operating income and property value.

How does submetering work?
Submetering is based on installing a water meter in each apartment, retail store, condominium, etc. For best results, each space should have an individual cold water line and shut-off valve and separate hot water heater.

Can I charge residents for their water / sewer usage?
Yes. Although you cannot make a profit, you can recover water/sewer expenses from residents. The Edge Utilities submetering program includes rate analysis as well as monthly meter reading and billing.

How much does submetering cost?
The costs for submetering varies with the type of meter, number of units and access to water lines. Reading and billing fees also vary but are passed through to the resident as part of their billing for water/sewer usage. There are no out–of-pocket expenses to an owner/manager for reading/billing fees. Edge Utilities is more than willing to provide a free survey of your property and a proposal which will list all fees and costs.

Is there another method to recover water/sewer expenses?
Yes, there is. It is called RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System). The Edge Utilities RUBS program analyzes the apartment occupancy, the community’s water and sewer usage, and the common area usage to develop a monthly water and sewer billing without installing meters. As with submetering, there are no out–of–pocket expenses for billing fees.